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UK Storm Flood and Wind Damage Claims – How Can a Loss Assessor Help?

In light of the recent flooding incidents here in the UK, homeowners and businesses in flood risk areas seem to have had enough with the fact that things may only get worse.

In December 2013, the UK had to deal with the most relentless stormy weather ever recorded by the Met Office, and is still dealing with the aftermath of this. January 2014’s monsoon was the worst since 1766, and residents and businesses not only have had to deal with flooding, but wind damage from incessant 100mph gusts.

Whilst engineers call for roads to be raised and houses to be redesigned, thousands of people are left battling with water damage and having to face the ordeal of negotiating with their insurers.  It is quite literally a battleground for some policyholders, so professional help is what is needed in order to get on with their everyday life without too much additional stress and strain.

A loss assessor can help policyholders to get the most equitable settlement with their company, rather than a standard quote proposed from an insurer. They can help householders and businesses by meeting with the insurance company or their representatives and negotiating the best possible settlement for the claim. Also, in cases where the insurance company has declined the claim or delays in agreeing the settlement have occurred, loss assessors can deal with the case.

It can be incredibly traumatic to experience damage to your property or business, so having professional help is a must. The situation is unfamiliar to many, and even if it has happened before, the ordeal is incredibly stressful to deal with if you go alone against your insurer.

If you have suffered from flood damage to your property and are looking for help with progressing with your claim, Insurance Claim Solutions can help. Our team of professionally qualified insurance specialists allow us to aid you with every step from the outset of your claim. Being independent from insurance companies allows us to get the best deal for policyholders and our aim is to get the best deal for you, rather than the insurance company representative’s aim of reducing the liability of the insurance company.

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