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Being unable to trade as a result of an insurance claim can be daunting. If trade ceases for a long period of time, customers and contracts may disappear. In a competitive market place, small businesses generally suffer from a loss of business if a commercial claim is prolonged.

As business interruption cover is only based on your business’s accounts, you may potentially never recover your true loss.

How Does A Loss Assessor Help With A Commercial Insurance Claim?

Insurers can take time to investigate a commercial claim using specialist loss adjusters and investigators. Their priority is reducing the insurer’s liability. Our claims team will work quickly to try and secure an interim payment for your business. Early interim payments are essential to keep cash flowing and the business moving.

As loss assessors, ICS have the professional expertise to move your claim forward without unnecessary confrontation. Once cover has been established, we can provide solutions in the short term whilst your business gets back on its feet. We also understand all the details in the business interruption policy. Using that understanding, we provide you with valuable guidance and expertise throughout the insurance claims process.

No matter the circumstances, we’ve helped business owners of all sizes to get the best settlement possible on their insurance policies. We’ve dealt with claims for a variety of business interruption scenarios. Due to our years of experience we are not phased by potentially lengthy and complex claims.

Commercial Insurance Loss Assessor in Brighton & London

Insurance Claims Solutions (ICS) are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority. Unlike the insurance company appointed loss adjuster, we represent your interests only and not those of the insurance company.

Looking For Help With Your Business Insurance?

Looking to make a business insurance claim?

Worried that your commercial insurance claim settlement is too low?

Insurance company rejecting your claim?

It's time to appoint a loss assessor who will:

  • Check and validate cover
  • Liaise directly with your accountant to assess loss of revenue as calculated by the policy
  • Assess each claim's chances for success
  • Arrange an alternative trading site or system of outsourcing, if viable
  • Organise an interim payment based on turnover and gross profit
  • Organise emergency repairs to commercial property
  • Secure your business premises
  • Provide a fully quantified contents, stock and fixtures and fittings claim
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do business insurance claims work?

    Commercial insurance policies cover a business from insured damage. They can also cover commercial properties or the interruption of your regular business activities.

    What is covered by business insurance?

    Different commercial insurance policies will cover different things. However, a good business insurance plan will cover public liability, employers' liability, professional indemnity costs, business legal expenses, commercial property damage, damage to goods in transit, and periods of business interruption.

    What is the first step in any claims settlement process?

    The first step if to determine exactly what damages you are claiming for and what the causes were. Insurers will hold you to your initial account so it’s important to be thorough, accurate and truthful.