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If your property is the victim of malicious damage, it can be extremely upsetting. Damage from rioting can be more widespread and less targeted, but is no less distressing if it happens to your property. If you run a business, the damage caused may be so extreme that you are forced to stop trading for a period of time, which will result in reduced turnover and lost profits.

In the aftermath of the incident, it can be extremely stressful to prepare and submit a malicious damage insurance claim at the same time as trying to repair the damage, as well as deal with the emotional impact of the damage to your home or business. This stress is compounded if the insurer or their loss adjuster are contesting or trying to argue down the value of your malicious damage claim.

Malicious damage by tenants can also be stressful. Not all landlord policies cover this and insurers will often use an exclusion to try and repudiate a valid claim. Policyholders often do not know how to approach this especially where void periods and loss of rent are important.

An independent loss assessor like ICS can help to properly document all the malicious damage, then prepare, present and defend your insurance claim for you, keeping you informed every step of the way. This removes the stress from the process and allows you to focus on getting your property repaired or your business trading again.

Malicious Damage Claims

In addition to business owners claiming for vandalism, many malicious damage insurance claims are made by landlords due to damage caused by tenants. This can include deliberate damage to the structure of the property, vandalism, damage to the furnishings, or more wide-ranging damage like the damage to electrical wiring which can be the result of unscrupulous tenants converting a rental property into a cannabis or bitcoin farm.

This damage not only requires costly repairs, but can also result in a period of time where the property cannot be rented while it undergoes repairs. This will result in lost rental income.

Riot insurance Claims

Rioting can cause widespread damage to entire neighbourhoods, resulting in broken windows, stolen goods and even arson. The police response to rioting can also cause further damage, with tear gas permanently damaging furnishings if it gets inside a property and seeps into wallpaper and carpets.

Many policies will cover riot insurance claims, but you must prove that the damage was caused by the rioters. You must also ensure that all the damage is properly accounted for at the start of the claim, which is an important reason to have an independent loss assessor catalogue the damage for you.

How Does A Loss Assessor Help With Malicious Damage/Riot Insurance Claims?

Insurance Claim Solutions have the experience and expertise to represent your malicious damage insurance claims and riot insurance claims. We can handle the claim for you while you focus on restoring your property. We prepare the malicious damage claim for you, making sure that all the relevant damage is documented accurately and thoroughly from the very start of the claims process.

We liaise with the insurers on your behalf and represent your malicious damage claim for you. This ensures that your claim will be presented by a professional who is already familiar with the techniques used by insurers and loss adjusters to limit claims. By entrusting your malicious damage or riot insurance claim to a professional loss assessor like ICS, you have the best chance of receiving the maximum pay-out.

We are fully aware that any damage to your home or business can be distressing. That’s why we have a list of approved contractors who we work with, who can organise emergency repairs to your property while we are preparing your malicious damage insurance claim. We can also take steps to secure your premises from further damage, this helps prevent it from being vandalised while it is vacant. We always make sure that all the existing malicious damage is correctly documented and photographed before any repairs begin.

Malicious Damage/Riot Insurance Claims Loss Assessor 

Once the initial situation has been dealt with and the damage has been thoroughly documented, we will then manage your malicious damage insurance claim on your behalf from start to finish. This removes the stress from the insurance claims process and allows you to get back to your life, while we deal with the insurance company and their loss adjusters.

Looking For Help with Your Malicious Damage and Riot Insurance Claim?

 At Insurance Claim Solutions, we have the expertise and experience to handle your malicious damage insurance claim from start to finish. As professional loss assessors, we can perform the following tasks on your behalf, removing the stress from the entire insurance claims process

  • Arrange specialist repairs and cleaning to deal with the immediate effects of the damage.
  • Make an accurate and in-depth inventory of all the malicious/riot damage.
  • Arrange alternative accommodation through our approved letting agents (if needed).
  • Secure an interim payment to help cover the initial costs.
  • Prepare and present your claim to your insurance company.
  • Negotiate with the insurers and their loss assessors to defend your claim.
  • Keep you informed throughout the entire insurance claim process.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is malicious damage in insurance?

    Most insurance policies will define malicious damage as deliberate damage caused to your property by an individual or group who do not have permission to do so. However, different insurance policies may have slightly different definitions and you should check the specific wording of your insurance policy.

    Is malicious damage covered by insurance?

    Normally, yes. Buildings insurance should cover damage to the property itself and contents insurance should cover damage to any items inside the property. If you are a business and have lost revenue due to the damage, you may be able to claim on your business interruption insurance too.

    Do insurance companies pay out for riot damage?

    In general, insurance companies will pay out for damages caused by rioters or caused by the police response to rioters. You should check your insurance policy to ensure that it includes riot insurance coverage. You will also need to prove that the damage was caused during the riot.