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Recent extreme weather has increased the flood risk for many areas. Whether the water damage to your home comes from a burst pipe, an overflowing river or a leaking roof, the correct management of the drying and repair process is essential.

In the past few years, flooding has highlighted the need to understand the effects flood damage has on buildings and contents. For example, the majority of the water flowing into homes is contaminated, requiring specialist cleaning and drying prior to remedial works. ICS are experts in presenting, handling and winning water damage claims. If you have a flood damage insurance claim that you require help with, please speak with one of our team.

How Does A Loss Assessor Help With A Flood Insurance Claim?

When making a flood insurance claim, the insurance company’s desire to return policyholders to their own homes quickly can cause long-term damage to the fabric of the property if it is not handled correctly. Another common flood damage insurance complaint is that contents which have been restored by insurers are not in the condition they were prior to the flood.

Many people struggle with how to make a flood claim on their insurance as they often have to do so while in the middle of dealing with a crisis. After handling water leaks and damaged property, making a flood damage insurance claim and dealing with insurance adjusters can seem very daunting. Let ICS take over the flood insurance claim process. We understand the intricacies of different flood cover plans and flood claims. We will contact your insurance company and file a professionally prepared flood claim for you. 

Flood Claim Adjusters 

It is essential to obtain the help of loss assessors who understand the problems that the escape of water can cause. As loss assessors, we work for you and strive to achieve the best settlement for your flood damage insurance claim. British insurers routinely appoint a loss adjuster, whose job is to attain a flood damage claim settlement in favour of the insurers. We have worked with several clients in Brighton, London & across the UK. 

Flood Insurance Claim Help

We are experienced with all types of home insurance claims, including flood damage claims. We know how to navigate the intricacies of the insurance industry and the flood insurance claims process. ICS is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Unlike your insurer's loss adjuster, we only work for you!

Looking For Help With Your Flood Insurance Claim?

Insurance Claim Solutions has the expertise and knowledge to handle your flood insurance claims process from start to finish, minimising the stress for you, the policyholder. As loss assessors we have the capacity to organise the following on your behalf:

  • Guide your through the entire flood insurance claims process.
  • Arrange specialist cleaning and stripping out to aid drying.
  • Make an accurate and in-depth inventory of the flood damage claim.
  • Take action to avoid any further damage occurring to your home contents.
  • Arrange alternative accommodation through insurance-approved letting agents.
  • Secure an interim payment to cover the cost of lost contents.
  • Navigate the complexities of the government's national FLOOD RE scheme.
  • Evaluate the best flood claim settlement for your circumstances.

The Flood Insurance Claim Process

In the event that you need to make a claim, make sure you follow the appropriate flood insurance claims process. You need to inform your insurer as soon as possible that you have suffered a flood (many insurers will have a 24hr telephone number specifically for this).

Once the initial flooding has subsided, it is your responsibility to ensure there is no further damage to your house through the duration of the flood insurance claims process. Through our loss assessor services, ICS can provide trusted contractors to help you secure your property and assess if there has been any damage to your electrical safety. If needed, we can also help you find alternative accommodation throughout the flood insurance claims process.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a flood insurance claim work?

    Once you are sure that you are in no danger, you should start by taking photos of the flood damage, making an itemised list of your home contents, and taking your electricity meter reading. Then, either contact your insurer directly or contact a loss assessor such as ourselves as we will proceed with the claim on your behalf.

    What can I claim on flood insurance?

    Each insurance policy is different, but flood insurance should cover repairing, rebuilding or replacing any part of your home's structure damaged by the flooding.