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With extreme weather events of all varieties on the increase, more and more policyholders are making claims for storm and wind damage on their insurance policies. Storm and wind damage can range from minor damage like broken roof tiles, to major structural damage. Storm damage is covered by most home insurance policies. However, to make a successful storm damage insurance claim, you must prove to your insurer that you have maintained your building to a reasonable standard.

This entire process can be a stressful experience for claimants and is one which leads to many homeowners taking a lower pay-out on their storm damage insurance claims, because they are unsure of their rights or how to properly submit and defend their claim. Insurance companies will often look for reasons to reduce the total value of the claim. Some home insurance policies do not define in writing what a ‘storm’ is and this leaves insurers room to reject or reduce the claim. The most common reasons for a storm and wind damage claim to be rejected by an insurer, are that either the damage was not caused by a storm but instead by some other factor such as wear and tear, or that the weather event which caused the damage would not constitute a ‘storm’ under the terms of the policy.

How Does A Loss Assessor Help With A Storm & Wind Insurance Claim?

Insurance Claim Solutions have extensive experience with storm and wind damage insurance claims and can handle your claim for you. We prepare the storm damage claim for you, making sure to document all the damage accurately and thoroughly in the initial claim report. We then liaise with the insurers on your behalf and represent your claim for you. This means that your storm damage insurance claim is presented by an expert who is already aware of the methods insurers and their loss adjusters use to reduce claims. By entrusting your storm damage claim to a professional loss assessor like ICS, you have the best chance of receiving the maximum pay-out.

We are fully aware that any damage to your home can be traumatic and so at the same time as preparing your storm and wind damage insurance claim, we can also help to organise emergency repairs to your property. We have a list of trusted contractors we work with who can carry out these repairs for you. These repairs help prevent further damage from water leaking in through a damaged roof. We will ensure that all the existing storm damage is correctly detailed and photographed before any repairs begin.

Storm & Wind Insurance Claim Loss Assessor 

Once the initial situation has been dealt with and the storm and wind damage has been thoroughly documented, we will then manage your storm damage insurance claim on your behalf from start to finish. This removes the stress from the insurance claims process and allows you to get back to your life, while we deal with the insurance company and their loss adjusters. We are based in Brighton and work with clients across Sussex, London & the entire UK. 

Looking For Help with Your Storm & Wind Insurance Claim?

At Insurance Claim Solutions, we have the expertise and experience to handle your storm and wind damage insurance claim from start to finish, minimising the stress for you, the policyholder. As professional loss assessors, we can perform the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Arrange specialist repairs and cleaning to deal with the immediate effects of the storm damage.
  • Make an accurate and in-depth inventory of all the storm and wind damage.
  • Arrange alternative accommodation through our approved letting agents (if needed).
  • Secure an interim payment to help cover the initial costs.
  • Prepare and present your claim to your insurance company.
  • Negotiate with the insurers and their loss assessors to defend your claim.
  • Keep you informed throughout the entire storm damage insurance claim process.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do storm damage insurance claims work?

    To be successful, storm damage claims, like all home insurance claims, require you to present a detailed report of the damage to your property and to prove the damage was a result of a storm.

    What constitutes a storm for insurance purposes?

    Different insurance policies will have different definitions of a storm, and some may not define a storm in writing at all. The generally accepted definition of a storm is a violent wind, accompanied by rain, snow or hail.

    Can you claim on insurance for storm damage?

    Storm and wind damage is covered by almost all home insurance policies but the difficulty in claiming comes from proving that the damage was actually caused by a storm and that you have maintained your property to a reasonable standard, so as to minimise potential damage.