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My house has been damaged by fire or water and my insurer has appointed a loss adjuster to help with the insurance claim. What should I do?

We would recommend appointing a loss assessor to assist you. ICS Loss Assessors will help prepare and manage your claim to ensure that your interests are protected.

If your house or home has been damaged by fire or burst pipes, early assistance in making a claim is important.

Why do I need a loss assessor if my insurers have already appointed a loss adjuster?

Loss adjusters are appointed by your insurers to protect their interests and will not help you claim. They will lose sight of your claim in a flurry of new visits and paperwork! It is always important to remember that the loss adjusters fees are paid for by the Insurer.

Typical loss adjusters are:

  • Cunningham Lindsey
  • Crawford and Company
  • GAB Robins
  • Merlin Claims Management
  • Davies and Co
  • Woodgate and Clark
  • Carmichaels

Loss assessors will help with your claim. We will give you support throughout the claim, undertaking all negotiations and agreeing the best settlement for you.

My insurers have said that their surveyors and approved contractors can complete repair works on my behalf, should I let them?

Again, they are paid by the insurers and receive volumes of work from them on a regular basis. They are unlikely to jeopardise this relationship by acting in your best interests.

Typical examples of insurer's agents are:

  • Asprea
  • Repairnet
  • Building Validation Services
  • Infront Solutions

Complaints over approved contractors and insurers suppliers are increasing according to customer forums.

Please contact us to discuss the benefits of having an independent surveyor and contractor – as part of our insurance claims management service

Can you help me if my insurance claim has already been declined or is already underway?

We will always be open and honest on the chances of assisting with a declined claim. Claims are declined for a number of reasons and we are seeing a rise in the number of incorrect decisions.

If the claim is underway we will be willing to help and offer a free consultation either by phone or on site.

Please call us to discuss your circumstances.

What are your fees as a Loss Assessor?

We do not charge an up front fee for our initial consultation where we will discuss your claim with you before proposing a fee. Normally our fees are a percentage of the claim settlement and we fund our own time.

Read more about our fees on our Loss Assessor Pricing page.