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When your property is damaged by a house fire and smoke, it can have disastrous effects. ICS are aware of the difficulty that a fire damage insurance claim can present. Apart from the physical and emotional distress, fire and smoke can cause structural damage not detectable by a visual inspection.

This means that submitting a fire insurance claim can be a complex and daunting prospect. In order to ensure you receive your full entitlement, it is important to make sure your claim covers the full financial implications of the incident.

How Does A Loss Assessor Help With A Fire Insurance Claim?

It is at the early stages of the fire damage insurance claim that professional representation can help remove the additional burden placed upon you by your insurance company.

When you are submitting a claim against fire and smoke damage (either at a home or a business), it is your responsibility to assess the initial cost of the incident. You must calculate the cost of replacing lost or damaged items and make the case that your insurance covers these losses. Then you must present the claim yourself and manage your case through to completion.

Most people do not have the time or the expertise to handle a fire damage insurance claim with the required level of detail. If your insurance company has already appointed a loss adjuster and forensic scientist, then the task can seem overwhelming.

The appointed loss adjuster does not help prepare your fire insurance claim. Loss adjusters wait until you present the fire damage claim to your home insurance provider to explain your full entitlement. It can prejudice your settlement in the long run if your initial claim is weak or if you fail to account correctly for all the damaged items. This can lead the insurer to refuse to pay to cover the cost of replacement items.

Loss Assessors work differently. We can work with you before you file your house fire insurance claim. It is a good idea for you to have an experienced consultant who knows how to claim on fire insurance claims. We help you assess the true damage to your property and ensure that your claim is managed properly from the outset.

Smoke & Fire Insurance Claim Help

We are experienced in helping our clients claim against fire damage insurance. We take a hands-on approach to work with both commercial and domestic policy holders to assess damage and evaluate the true cost implication of the incident to you.

If you are unsure about how best to present your claim and take full advantage of your insurance coverage, you should appoint a loss assessor to help present the fire insurance claim on your behalf.

Looking For Help With Your Fire Insurance Claim?

Insurance Claim Solutions are an experienced fire insurance claims loss assessor, experienced with every step of the claims process. Once a loss assessor is appointed, they will use their expertise and capacity to do the following while working on behalf of a claimant:

  • Listen to your concerns and worries
  • Making your property safe by organising boarding up and emergency repairs
  • Arrange alternative accommodation through insurance approved letting agents
  • Secure an interim payment for additional costs incurred such as temporary accommodation or the replacement of vital and badly damaged items.
  • Make an accurate assessment of the damages for the purposes of contents insurance
  • Take charge of the insurance claims process, starting with the first call to your insurance company all the way through to after the insurer has agreed to pay.
  • Evaluate the best claim settlement for your circumstances
  • Smoke & Fire Insurance Claim Help

ICS are experienced loss assessors, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Total Loss Fire Insurance Claims

In the event of a major, or total loss fire claim, the insurance company will want to know how the fire originated. They will also need to be sure there is no arson or fraud involved.

The insurance company adjuster will contact you or come to your home. Make sure you have a clear idea of what is and isn’t covered by your homeowner’s insurance after fire loss, and what information the insurer's loss adjuster will require from you.

In most cases of a total loss fire claim, the insurance company will make an interim payment to help you cover temporary living costs if your property is uninhabitable. You should preserve all your receipts and keep a diary of your expenses as you get back on your feet. The good news is that with proper attention, and the assistance of a professional loss assessor, you can increase the maximum possible pay out of your homeowner’s insurance after a fire loss.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Will My Insurance Cover After A Fire?

    Each insurance policy is different, but fire damage should be covered under almost all home insurance policies. It should cover repairing, rebuilding or replacing any part of your home's structure damaged by the fire. Fire claims however are the most investigated claims by insurance companies, often by forensic scientists and investigators.

    How Long Does It Take To Settle A Fire Insurance Claim?

    There is no set timeframe for this as each insurance claim is different. Before undertaking any work as a loss assessor on your behalf we will give you an honest estimation of the time we expect your claim to take

    Can I Claim Insurance For Smoke Damage?

    Smoke damage is covered by most insurance policies. However, disputes can often occur regarding whether items truly need to be replaced due to smoke damage or whether they can simply be repaired. If you are currently having such a dispute, our loss assessors may be able to help.

    What Is Considered Smoke Damage?

    Items which are damaged solely as a result of smoke and are not burned are considered to have suffered smoke damage. Smoke damage does not “destroy” objects, but they can be rendered unusable due to discolouration or odour.