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Making a claim should be simple

Insurance Claim Solutions are independent Loss Assessors. The role of a loss assessor is to ensure that you receive maximum entitlement on your insurance policy. We manage all aspects of your claim, negotiating and dealing directly with your insurance company’s Loss Adjuster to ensure you receive the very best settlement possible.

How does the Loss Assessor process work?

After you have made initial contact with us, we will start by making a no-charge visit to your home or premises to discuss your concerns and assess the damage caused. We will then, write to you by email with a pricing proposal and an outline of how to manage your claim.

The difference between loss assessors and loss adjusters is that loss adjusters work for your insurance company and represent their interests whereas independent loss assessors work for you and represent your interests.

Insurance Claim Solutions are an independent service designed to help you obtain the highest settlement you are entitled to. We are not a complaints or arbitration service. If you believe your insurance company has breached the code of conduct for insurers and financial services as laid out by the FCA, you should contact the Financial Ombudsman Service in writing with a formal complaint.

Insurance Claim Solutions are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority.


What does a Loss Assessor do?

The Loss Assessor will also attend the site soon after the claim, to meet you and agree their fee. Once you appoint a loss assessor, it is their role to:

  • Survey the damage and help with the home insurance claims process.
  • Help with providing a temporary relocation for you, organising clean up, salvage and presenting a report to the insurers on the damage.
  • Ensure the claim is submitted within the relevant time limit.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to get you the best contractors for repairs to your home or business.
  • Deal with claims that have initially been declined by the insurance company, or are experiencing delays in agreeing a settlement.
  • Full handling of your claim on your behalf.

How much will ICS charge to handle my claim?

Many loss assessor firms will claim that their services are free, are on a no win no fee basis or that the charges are built into the claim. As each claim is different, we prefer to be transparent at the beginning of the process. You can find more information about our pricing for different claims on our pricing page.

I am stressed about the insurance process, how can you help?

We understand that you will have looked for assistance for a reason, and we take the time to listen to how we can help you. We believe that if we do not take the time to listen, then we cannot fully understand your concerns and issues with your claim.

Step One

Initial call to discuss your claim and see how we can help you

Step Three

Receive proposal and outline of how to manage your claim

Step Five

ICS present your claim to achieve maximum settlement

When can I get back into my property?

This is a common worry for many people after they suffer flooding, a fire or a break in. While every case is different, after discussing the details of your case with you we will be able to give an approximation of the time-frame from our extensive experience of similar cases.

Will I harm my claim by using a Loss Assessor?

A loss assessor can only help you claim for what you are legally owed by your insurance company. If your insurance company is trying to persuade you not to use a loss assessor you should ask them why they are opposed to you having equal representation – especially as they will most likely be using the services of a loss adjuster.

Once we have been instructed to manage your insurance claim we can carry out the following:

  • Write to you confirming the agreed fee
  • Organise emergency cleaning, boarding and security
  • Meet with the insurance company representative and/or loss adjuster on your behalf
  • Discuss the outline of the claim and other important information with you
  • Present a fully quantified claim to your insurers based on your maximum entitlement
  • Instruct structural engineers and chartered surveyors as necessary to provide professional advice and specifications of works
  • Provide building quotations from our approved contractors
  • Negotiate and manage your insurance claim from start to finish
  • Offer you the maximum support
  • Offer you the best settlement option for your circumstances

By undertaking the above activity, we will be able to provide a personal service for a personal issue. We understand that insurance claims, in particular home insurance claims, can be stressful and emotional to go through and many people do not feel able to do so within the time limit. Let Insurance Claim Solutions handle it for you.

Hiring a loss assessor can bring you peace of mind. We take care of everything, from submitting the initial claim, all the way through to the final settlement.

Our loss assessor process allows you to continue with your daily life as much as possible. We minimise the need for insurance related stresses and worries. We can even help if your insurers are initially rejecting your claim.

Insurance Claim Process For Landlords

Our professional insurance claim management services allow landlords to focus on looking after their other properties. If you are a landlord looking to make a claim on your rental property’s insurance, ICS can help. Our team can calculate and prepare a loss of rent claim in addition to an assessment of any repairs that may be required. We can then meet with your insurance company’s loss adjuster and negotiate with them directly.

Insurance Claim Process For Homeowners

A key point in the insurance process for homeowners is preparing a detailed inventory of damages as early as possible. Getting this first step wrong can make it much harder to make a claim later. Our team are experts in accurately assessing the true cost of damages. If you are unable to stay in your home because of damage, our team can help find you emergency accommodation and arrange for your property to be secured while you are away.

Insurance Claim Process For Businesses

The process for commercial insurance claims will vary depending on whether you are making a stock, machinery and contents, or business interruption claim. For contents claims, we can help prepare a precise inventory of damaged stock or machinery. For a business interruption claim, we analyse past and expected sales data and prepare an insurance claim for lost revenue, considering elements such as seasonality and sales trends, for an accurate picture.

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