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The presentation of a theft claim to your insurers can be time consuming and complex. Not only is the emotional impact difficult to deal with, but the stolen property claims process can reveal inadequacies of your contents cover after you have presented the claim to your insurer.

There may also be endorsements or clauses which invalidate your insurance if not complied with. Consulting with a loss assessor will help you avoid these pitfalls and make a successful insurance claim.

How A Loss Assessor Helps With A Theft Insurance Claim?

It is not always easy to claim back the full value of what is owed to you after a theft. Many insurers want full proof of ownership of the stolen items your insurance covers and will often compare the initial list you provided in a police report to the local police to the one given to them, querying any additions.

When providing new for old cover as part of home contents insurance, the vast majority of insurance companies will try to replace items via their own suppliers even if it is not where you originally bought the item. They will also deduct discounts they might obtain through volume purchasing with their suppliers from your claim should you want to go to a local shop or outlet instead.

Theft Insurance Loss Assessor 

As with all home insurance claims, it is important to make sure your theft claim is correct from the outset. Small mistakes at the outset of a claim can lead to you missing out on thousands of pounds of your maximum possible claim. Consulting with a loss assessor will help you understand where your theft insurance claim may fall through, and how to best submit a claim that will enable you to receive your full entitlement.

Looking For Help With Your Theft Insurance Claim?

ICS are experienced loss assessors, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our industry expertise means we know how to navigate the complexities of filing a claim and improve your experience of the theft insurance claims process.

Theft Insurance Claim Help

As loss assessors dealing with a theft claim:

  • We work directly for the interests of the policy holder rather than the insurance company.
  • We are able to fully review your theft claim prior to submission.
  • We can help with securing your property.
  • We will prepare the relevant documents including an extensive inventory of the stolen items, the crime reference number and any other paperwork required.
  • We will assess the true value of your possessions and negotiate directly with your insurers to obtain the maximum entitlement for you when settling your claim.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of insurance covers theft?

    Most theft-insurance policies cover losses from burglary, robbery, and other theft.

    How long do you have to file an insurance claim for theft?

    While theft insurance policies rarely state a set time in which to make a claim. It is advisable, however, for reasons of accuracy and speed to make your claim promptly. If you are feeling unable to currently start or proceed with the claim yourself, you may wish to contact a loss assessor such as us to handle the claim for you.

    How do I claim for theft?

    Start by making an itemised list of all the property or money stolen during the theft. Contact the police. Make sure that you include all items that you may wish to claim for in your initial police report.

    Do I need receipts to help me claim?

    This will differ depending on the terms of your insurance policy. Even if your policy does not stipulate that you must provide receipts it is a good idea to keep them as it can make claiming for an item and proving its value easier and quicker.