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If your home or premises has been damaged by impact it is likely to need immediate attention.

The local authority or emergency services will try their best to make your property secure but are unlikely to have the resources to fully evaluate any long-term damage to the structure.

How Does A Loss Assessor Help With An Impact Damage Claim?

The damage caused by impact may not always be immediately visible. Structural cracks behind plaster or plasterboard may be concealed, but ICS has the expertise to deal with this problem. This can lead to your insurance company significantly underpaying on your claim, or worse yet, rejecting your claim altogether.

Our structural engineers provide a comprehensive report, tailored to your buildings insurance entitlement. We also have the resources to ensure emergency support and stripping out is carried out correctly and under supervision.

Alterations to the building may also raise issues of building regulation compliance and planning permission. ICS can deal with this on your behalf. We have worked with several clients in Brighton, London & across the UK.

Impact damage claim loss assessor 

Appointing a loss assessor to deal with your insurance company frees up your time and ensures that your claim is handled by home insurance experts. You should never feel compelled to accept the first settlement that your insurer offers.

Insurance Claim Solutions are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority and act as your guide throughout the claims process.

Looking For Help With An Impact Insurance Claim?

Insurance Claim Solutions have the expertise and capacity to organise the following on your behalf:

  • Conduct a site visit to determine the true extent of the damage
  • Boarding up, emergency repairs and making safe.
  • Arrange alternative accommodation through insurance approved letting agents
  • Secure an interim payment for any hotel costs incurred
  • Provide a structural engineers report and charted surveyors specification
  • Secure the best settlement offer possible for you
  • Help secure tradesmen to restore your property
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