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When you first notify your claim to your insurers, you expect them to handle your claim efficiently and quickly. You have paid the premium and now you expect a good service at the point of claim

You also expect the companies they appoint on their behalf to be fair and reasonable, and in the sentiment of good faith – pay you fairly under the terms of the policy.

On large claims, insurers may appoint a loss adjusters such as Sedgwick, Crawfords, or Woodgate and Clark to validate your claim.

On claims that are perceived by your insurers as small, they will often appoint claims validation companies. These companies label themselves as surveyors, but more often than not the agents who visit your home are not chartered surveyors. Misleading some would suggest.

Recently we have seen a trend where validation companies – such as Building Validation Solutions (BVS) – attend site and try to offer a claim settlement there and then. These settlements are often scoped on a generic tool and calculated based on a schedule of rates. This schedule of rates is never disclosed and as such it is very difficult to accurately see whether what the insurers agents are offering is fair.

More worryingly, these settlement offers do not take account of any potential hidden damage, the effect of drying or strip out, or any potential losses that flow naturally from the damage. On some claims it is too difficult to scope and settle form one visit – and where they do – they are often woefully low and the repairs cannot be carried out for this figure.

We have case studies where Building Validation Solutions or BVS have under scoped from the outset and following our instruction the true extent of damage ad costs have been revealed.

Case study 1 – Fire Roof Damage

The customer suffered roof damage as a result of a fire in neighbouring property. The roof was fire damaged at the party wall and extinguishment water had flowed into the bedroom below. The loft was full of contents and this needed to be examined.

The “surveyor” validated the claim in his car and returned to offer £2,500 in full and final settlement. Thankfully the customer felt this was wrong and contacted ourselves.

On examination, the roof required full replacement and after we appointed experts to substantiate the loss, a loss adjuster was appointed and the roof agreed at £18,000 plus VAT.

The contents were taken away by specialists to validate the damage and this part is still ongoing.

Offered:£2,500 Agreed: £21,600

Case study 2 – Water damage to wood flooring

We have written before regarding Mr and MRs Heath

They initially contacted their insurer following a water leak from their dishwasher. The property was very well maintained and had oak floor throughout the kitchen and dining area.

Their insurers appointed Building Validation Solutions (BVS), who had a remit to conclude the claim on a cash basis as quickly as possible. BVS offered Mr and Mrs Heath £3,000 for a patch repair in full and final settlement.

Quire rightly, the policyholder sought help, and we were instructed to review the claim and negotiate on their behalf. As part of our claims management service, we notified the insurers that in order to replace the floor, the kitchen would need to be removed. The flooring and sub floor would need to be replaced and there would be a need for alternative accommodation to be provided. We instructed a surveyor to prepare a schedule of works and this was eventually agreed at circa  £50,000 with the loss adjusters, after BVS were removed.

Mr and Mrs Heath stated –

“Paul at ICS took the matter out of our hands, dealt with the insurance company in a very professional manner and ultimately ensured we received a fair and proportionate settlement for the claim in question. We thank him for his services and would certainly recommend ICS in the future”.

Offered: £3,000 Agreed: £50,000

We are keen to assist where there is poor scoping by companies such as Building Validation Services . Please feel free to contact us to talk through your problems to see if we can help.

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