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Fire Damage in Wiltshire – a success story.

I was so pleased to be able to photograph my client’s finished property following their house fire in 2016. We assisted them in their claim following a thatched roof fire, as the loss adjuster and insurers were being particularly difficult.

This fire damage claim highlighted the difficulty between insurers’ approaches to claim handling, and the reality of living with a devastating fire.

The loss adjuster appointed on behalf of the insurance company was essentially restricted by the office-based claims manager. The insurance claims manager clearly had never been to the aftermath of major fire before, or experienced the emotional trauma that lives with the policyholder forever. For him, this was a financial exercise.

Endless hours were wasted trying to convince the claims manager that this was more complex than he appreciated – especially with the conservation officer being involved. Even his own loss adjuster was exhausted!

I would always ask policyholders to seek help on bigger claims. The insurers typically weight the level of expertise against the policyholder – loss adjusters, surveyors and forensic experts all working for the insurer. If there is an issue – there is an uphill battle to turn the tide.

However, this claim did turn and we achieved a successful outcome – so much so my clients were happy to recommend me to another local resident suffering a similar fate – hence why I was in Bath last week – all subject to government guidelines I might add!

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