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Loss Assessors – which one?

When searching for a loss assessor to assist with your claim, it is important to look past the nice website and ‘no win, no fee’ adverts that will be popular on the internet.

The most important criteria is that the loss assessor is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authortiy (FCA) and is able to provide an FCA number. This will ensure they are able to provide claims advice and whether they are able to hold client money on your behalf.

It is also important to see which other bodies they are members of. The Institute of Public Loss Assessors is an unregulated body which holds the details of loss assessor members throughout the country – like a directory. Whilst this can be a way into the loss assessor arena, it is not always a guarantee of ability or that the assessor is suitable for your claim.

Many loss assessors are too large to dedicate themselves to your claim. Smaller niche companies are preferable as you receive a one to one service. The last thing a distressed policyholder requires is to disappear into another large faceless organisation which does not respond to their needs.

Check also how loss assessors charge. this should be transparent and clear – often accompanied by some form of mandate contract or customer care letter. Nothing in life is free so do not accept that as an explanation! It is also not true that insurers pay for our services. You can see how we charge for different types of insurance claim on our pricing page.

Whichever loss assessor you chose, ensure you complete some due diligence. It is important you meet who is dealing with your claim and build a relationship from the outset. They should always visit you and chat through how the claim works and what your options are. Perhaps ask to speak to a previous client or two!!

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Paul Edmonds

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