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It’s My Claim – But Nobody Will Listen!

Many insurers advertise on television – with slick glossy adverts – suggesting that they will wrap you up in a warm blanket when the worst happens. As a loss assessor, I know that the proof of a good policy is in the claim process and how customers are treated when disaster strikes.

Insurers have a very fixed view of your claim – appointing what they believe are experts to assist you – but at the same time they try to control what is spent and paid for. This works for smaller claims, however many claims are complex or require more thought about how to give the best settlement for the customer. It is at this stage that a complaint is normally raised, but the complaints process is equally slow and frustrating. Insures don’t want a discussion, they want you to give up!

I have a number of claims where the narrow view of the insurers is slowing the settlement process – and because the damage does not fit into the criteria they set – they will not think around the problem. I also have claims where insurers have offered a settlement figure which falls far short of the policy cover and interpretation.

This is where careful consideration of the policy wording is essential and and the negotiating skills of a loss assessor can help. If you have a difficult claim please feel free to call for some advice and guidance.

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