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Insurers Investigate Genuine Burst Pipe Claim

Our client suffered a huge escape of water at his home whilst away in early January. We had met the loss adjuster on site and agreed the way the claim should be progressed. Our surveyor had prepared a specification of works and that the accommodation we had already sourced was agreed.

All good!

However, once the insurers had received the loss adjusters’ report, they decided that our client had flooded his own house. Why they thought this 65 year old man would flood his beautifully maintained house? I do not know!

The insurers removed the services of their own loss adjusters, tried to cancel the temporary accommodation and put special investigators on the claim to interview our Client. They also tried to disregard the chartered surveyors specification in favour of their own contractors who would come and “put it back together”.

We met with the investigator, prepared and fully understanding our Clients rights and remedies under the policy. We explained that the insurance company had acted arbitrarily, against the goodwill of the policy and half scared to death the client.

We are now proceeding with the surveyor’s specification and the insurers re-appointed the loss adjusters who originally attended and agreed with us! This took place 3 months after our initial agreement

Ironically, the insurers are now asking why there has been such a delay!

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