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Local loss assessor – Complex flood claims and BVS – Surrey

We have recently concluded a claim for Mr and Mrs Heath in Surrey.

They initially contacted their insurer following a water leak from their dishwasher. The property was very well maintained and had oak floor throughout the kitchen and dining area.

Their insurers appointed BVS, a validation company who have a remit to conclude the claim on a cash basis as quickly as possible. They brand their operatives as “surveyors” but in reality all they need is 5 years building experience. BVS offered Mr and Mrs Heath £3,000 for a patch repair in full and final settlement.

Quire rightly, the policyholder sought help, and we were instructed to review the claim and negotiate on their behalf. We notified the insurers that in order to replace the floor, the kitchen would need to be removed, the flooring and sub floor replaced and there would be a need for alternative accommodation. We instructed a surveyor to prepare a schedule of works and this was eventually agreed at circa  £50,000 with the loss adjusters, after BVS were removed.

Mr and Mrs Heath stated –

“Paul at ICS took the matter out of our hands, dealt with the insurance company in a very professional manner and ultimately ensured we received a fair and proportionate settlement for the claim in question. We thank him for his services and would certainly recommend ICS in the future”.

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