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Insurance claim help in Surrey and Sussex

Insurance Claim Solutions primarily cover insurance claims in Surrey and Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Greater London. We look at every claim individually and even if it is slightly out of our area will endeavour to provide some form of help even if it  is some basic guidance.

A large percentage of our  insurance claims are located in Sussex and Surrey, which suits our office locations and professional network.

We have recently helped with a flood claim in Surrey where the insured was offered £3,000 as a result of an initial visit by the insurance company contractor. This was far less than the insured was entitled to and did not even begin to compensate for the true  financial  loss and scope of the insurance claim. We have finally agreed a £50,000 building scope of works with the insurers, in addition to the necessary alternative accommodation and contents damage.

As part of an insurance claim in Sussex, the insured had suffered a substantial fire at their home. Delays in processing the claim, a lock of detail in the scope of works and the typical poor communication from the loss adjuster meant that the policyholder came to us for help. As part of our analysis, we provided a critical response to the insurers outlining where they had failed to treat the customer fairly and transparently. A new senior loss adjuster was appointed and we instructed surveyor to schedule the works and move to tender. Accommodation was extended and the insured felt assured that the claim was moving.

If you have an insurance claim that is slow, complicated, or you feel that the insurance company is letting you down, please contact us for a free consultation.

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