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Insurance and the Government

It is not until you come to claim that the the complexities of an insurance contract become a reality . These are legal documents often dressed up as “simple to understand and easy to navigate”. In reality, even with the limited protection provided by the FCA and the Insurance Act 2015, these are still weighted against the policyholder.

The detail in the policy and the insurance law that sits with it, is over and above what an ordinary lay person can understand, and it is with this imbalance that insurers often succeed. If you don’t actually know what you are entitled to, and the insurers don’t tell you, are you ever getting full benefit? Very unlikely.

Given the amount of your money the insurance industry controls, and the investment insurers give to governments in infrastructure projects, it is unlikely this will ever change. But we can redress the balance by giving you a better understanding of your rights and remedies.

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