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Insurance Claim Help – Complaints

Since the financial crisis in 2007 and the change in government, there has been a noticeable shift in how insurance companies deal with complaints. It costs money to effectively deal with complaints, and increasingly Insurance Companies are quick to issue financial decision letters so that customers feel forced to take the matter to the Financial Ombudsman.

More often than not, the customer has limited understanding of the insurance claims process, and this imbalance means it is much easier for the insurers to manage the customer into a position where their complaint will fail. Whist the Financial Ombudsman is impartial, they still apply the letter of the insurance contract, and if the customer is unprepared, this can cause disappointment and frustration.

ICS are no stranger to dealing with complex insurance claims and are happy to review them before you take the matter further. Remember the Ombudsman is your last shot- it is better to be prepared and ready – please feel free to give us a call.


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