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ICS – Home insurance revolution in the near future?

Semi detached house insurance

Consumers are constantly trying to find the best insurance deal and many are confused by the sheer choice of policies, different types of insurance and the like. Although Insurance Claim Solutions acts on the claims side of the insurance industry, we take an interest in consumer needs.

There has been talk recently about a possible revolution in home insurance after a survey from Consumer Intelligence found that consumers said that the home insurance industry “needs a revolution”, as well as Swiss Re’s chief economist Kurt Karl commenting that “a quiet revolution [was] on the way”.

With the growth of mobile technology and consumers wanting more transparency, clearer policy documents, and consumers preferring to build and maintain relationships with their insurers, it’s only right that revolution is possibly on the horizon, albeit being slightly further away than imminent.

Insurance companies are traditionally known for not having the consumer’s interests at heart; favouring profits over clarity of policy wording is an everyday issue which many of us have either experience of, or know someone who has had experience of. However, this is where we as loss assessors come into play. Here at Insurance Claim Solutions we act on the consumer’s behalf. If fire or water damage has happened to your home, then we can help with your insurance claim.

If you struggle to make a claim with your insurer, or believe that you have not received the best compensation quote for your insurance claim, then we are here to help. Insurance company representatives work on behalf of the insurance company, rather than the consumer, so they do not have your interests at heart. Each claim will be dealt with by a small team with members dedicated to a close working relationship, as well as being able to fully manage your claim, resulting in the best, most flexible settlement for you.

So despite there not being much of a possibility of an imminent revolution, you need not worry too much when making an insurance claim – instead, take advantage of our claims assessment service and receive the pay-out you deserve.

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