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Flood and Water Claim Help – don’t get left behind….

Many homeowners, shops and businesses will be affected by the rainfall last week, making flood and water damage insurance claims inevitable.

Insurers will be unable to cope with the volume of flood claims and this will leave many policyholders feeling vulnerable and neglected.

From the outset, insurers may appoint a disaster restoration company – but the fees paid to these companies are so small that there is no incentive to actively deal with your claim. Dryers will be “dumped” in your home or business but no real management of the incident will be felt.

Dirty water entering any property should be dealt with professionally, but insurers will attempt to settle claims too quickly – either missing vital damage, inadequately striping out to sanitise or drying too quickly.

It is important that the property is stripped back to brick work and that the main structure is damp tested. All too often water is trapped behind timber or decorative finishes and later in the claim, further damage will occur causing delay and frustration. It is important that no moisture is missed that will reappear a year later once the claim is settled.

Please contact us to discuss your flood insurance claim further – your home or premises is your biggest asset!

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