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Fire Damage Insurance Claims – How We Can Help

As what could be the ‘cheapest house in the UK’ goes on sale in Lincolnshire for just £7,000 due to severe fire damage, the importance of protecting your home against such disasters becomes all too clear. The property in Gainsborough is listed on Rightmove and is set to be auctioned on May 13th if it hasn’t sold beforehand. It’s not known if the previous owners had home and contents insurance, but we’re assuming not if the property is now on the market!

If you’re unfortunate enough to have your home damaged by fire and need to make an insurance claim but don’t know where to start, let us demystify the process for you by going through the individual stages of the insurance claim.

As professional Loss Assessors we act on your behalf as the policy holder to liaise with the insurance company and manage your claim for you. A house fire is distressing enough without the added worry of often complicated and confusing insurance claim forms.

Claiming on home insurance for a fire doesn’t have to be complicated, with the right support – here’s how we can help:

5 step claim process

1)      Initial consultation

Upon receiving your initial contact, whether by telephone or email, one of our team will then call at your property to assess the damage and advise you of any immediate steps to take in order to prevent further damage to your home.

We can assist with boarding up windows, emergency repairs and making the property safe as well as securing an interim payment to arrange alternative accommodation if necessary.

2)      Reporting the claim

Once we have gathered all of the information from you, assessed the damage and discussed with you the details of the claim, ICS will contact your insurance company on your behalf to report it. The insurance company will then appoint a Loss Adjuster to deal with your claim on their behalf.

3)      Meeting the insurance company representatives or appointed Loss Adjuster

We will then meet with the Loss Adjuster at your property so they can inspect the extent of the damage and necessary repair work.

4)      Claim preparation and submission

ICS then put together costing and gather all documentary evidence required to validate your claim, before submitting it to the insurance company. We carry out all detailed negotiations of the settlement, payment and conditions with the loss adjuster on your behalf, all the time working towards the best claim settlement for your circumstances.

5)      Acceptance of settlement and receiving your cheque

Once the settlement has been reached by the insurance company we wait for your approval before accepting and passing your cheque to you.

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