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Why use ICS?

Making an insurance claim is a very personal thing to do. We understand that you will have looked for assistance for a reason and we take the time to listen to how we can help you. We believe that if we do not take the time to listen, then we cannot fully understand your concerns and issues with your claim.

Working with an independent Loss Assessor such as Insurance Claim Solutions allows progress to move swiftly and smoothly, giving you confidence that your claim will be handled correctly, and without error. Employing a professional Loss Assessor to take care of everything for you saves time, stress, and ultimately lets you concentrate on your day to life.

Do I need help?

Loss assessors act on behalf of the policyholder. By appointing Insurance Claim Solutions as your loss assessor, we will:

  • Insure that your claim is correctly presented and aim to secure acceptance of the loss
  • Deal with all insurance company negotiations, meeting with all insurance company representatives
  • Protect your interests – your most valuable asset is your home or business – along with the personal or business possessions
  • Ensure that nothing is missed and that we maximise your policy entitlement
  • Make ourselves available

10 Years Experience

An unparalleled understanding of the insurance industry

Honest & Personal Service

Carry out all negotiations with your loss adjuster or insurers.

Attention to Detail

Present your claim to achieve maximum settlement.

Transparent Pricing

We will try to offer a bespoke fee to all claims

Maximise your claim with ICS

We will use our network of specialists to deal with your insurance claim. We believe that you do not need the additional stress in having to deal with the process without specialist knowledge. Allow us to take the strain, and in turn make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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