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Paul Edmonds

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Paul is the Managing Partner of ICS.

I have a flurry of subsidence claims on my desk, where the policyholder has felt poorly represented by their insurers agents, Innovation Group. I am aware of this company and their practices, but I decided to do some further research.

The Guardian suggested in 2008, although CIS and RSA would not confirm or deny it, that outsourcing companies such as Innovation Group, were essentially fixing subsidence claims costs with insurers. If they can settle the claim within the purchase cost, say £10,000, then the balance is retained by the outsourcing company. If they have to spend more than £10,000, then the claim becomes a loss maker.

If this is true, then there is an incentive for the outsourcing company to actively seek to reduce the amount spent, over and above that which the policy seeks to pay. Is this fair? Given that subsidence claims are the most technical to resolve, the policyholder is at a disadvantage. This certainly beaches the idea of good faith that the insurance policy implies.

Our experience also suggests that outsourcing companies are not advising policyholders that they have cover for their own professional engineer, and declining that these costs are covered. This offers no alternative view to theirs, and stops any potential suggestion of underpinning.

The key here is to not underpin – this is the most expensive part of the subsidence process. Often, outsourcing companies opt to patch and repair the cracks and fail to stabilise the actual cause. But the ombudsman is very clear.

“In our view, the proper repair of a building requires something more long-lasting than a temporary patch-up. Filling cracks and repainting cannot properly be regarded as repairing subsidence damage if, within a relatively short time, those same cracks are likely to reappear. The expert evidence had indicated that the insurer should meet the cost of stabilisation.”

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  1. Fliss Shirley

    I could give you an entire case study on Innovation Group, from their constant attempts to cut corners and costs to their sheer incompetance and blatant lies! Have had about 7 years of it so far.


    Hi, Innovation Infront (sic) are handling my house subsidence claim with Direct Line. They took over the claim from PMC on 1st August 2011 and they are getting nowhere very slowly. As soon as an engineer agrees to look into the cause, which I diagnosed in 2006, they agree to get specialist engineers to look at my failed reinforced concrete raft they go back to Infront and suddenly a new engineer appears and we start from scratch again. As I have exposed the failure by removing some of the top screed, they cannot deny the failure so along comes yet another engineer. Infront is rotten to the core and they should come under the Financial Ombudsman Service to stop crooked companies like Direct Line using them to avoid their reponsibilities.


    I have been trying to get Infront to repair my house but to no avail. They deliberately stall the claim for years and years and achieve absolutely nothing. Someone described Infront to me as it being “like dealing with a crime syndicate” and I totally concur. They are evil rip off merchants.

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