Independent Loss Adjusters

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Paul Edmonds

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Paul is the Managing Partner of ICS.

Independent loss adjusters or independent loss assessors act on behalf of the public when they suffer loss or damage to their home or business. The loss assessors role is to manage the claim effectively for the policyholder ensuring that all areas of damage are covered. It is important to ensure that the loss assessor acting for you has the necessary experience and that they are not part of a large organisation where you will be no better off than dealing with your own insurer. At Insurance Claim Solutions, we aim for a personal approach maintaining excellent contact with you throughout the claim process.

It is also important to ensure that the loss assessor is genuinely independent and not part of a larger group with insurance company interests.

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  1. Paul Edmonds
    Paul Edmonds

    Hello Eric,

    Apologies for the delay in replying. In these circumstances I always find it is better in the first instance to claim off the block insurance policy. If your insurer believe that the fitters are liable they will recover their outlay directly from them. They also have the financial muscle to do this!

    I hope that this helps.


  2. eric foxford

    I have had a pipe burst from the neighbour above my flat into my bedroom causing a lot of damage to my ceiling and staining on my bedroom carpet, can you assist me in claiming against the neighbours insurance. The accident was caused by some carpet fitters nailing the floorboards above which burst a water pipe, which I presume they did not realise was there. The block of flats has building insurance, but as this is a negligence accident I am reluctant to claim on the blocks insurance. What can I do?

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