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Making an insurance claim is a very personal thing to do. We understand that you will have looked for assistance for a reason, and we take the time to listen to how we can help you. We believe that if we do not take the time to listen, then we cannot fully understand your concerns and issues with your claim.

After you have made initial contact with us, we will start by making a no charge visit to your home or premises to discuss your concerns and assess the damage caused. We will then, by email, write to you with a fee proposal and an outline of how to manage your claim.

Once we have been instructed to manage your insurance claim we will carry out the following:

  • Write to you confirming the agreed fee
  • Organise emergency cleaning, boarding and installation of dehumidifiers
  • Meet with the insurance company representative and/or loss adjuster on your behalf
  • Discuss the outline of the claim with you.
  • Present a fully quantified claim to your insurers based on your maximum entitlement
  • Instruct structural engineers and chartered surveyors as necessary to provide professional advice and specifications of works
  • Provide building quotations from our approved contractors
  • Negotiate and manage your insurance claim from start to finish
  • Offer you the maximum support
  • Offer you the best settlement option for your circumstances

By undertaking the above activity, we will be able to provide a personal service for a personal issue. This will allow you to continue with your daily life as much as possible, minimizing the need for insurance related stress and worry.

Loss Adjusters vs Loss Assessors

Insurance Loss Adjusters

Loss Adjusters act on behalf of an insurance company to investigate large or complex claims. They are regulated by the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) and are bound by their own charter. It is important to understand that whilst it states they are independent, their fee is paid for by the insurance company.

What does a Loss Adjuster do?

Typically, a Loss Adjuster will attend the site soon after the claim.

It will be their role to investigate:

  • The circumstances of the claim
  • The extent of loss
  • Examine policy cover
  • Review sums insured
  • Examine small print and warranties to exclude the claim

They will report to the insurance company and aim to advise the insurers of the potential claim cost allowing insurers to set aside money accordingly.

Many Loss Adjusters will have a delegated authority with insurance companies, essentially allowing them to act as if they were the insurer. They can agree claims and issue payments.

Insurance Loss Assessors

Insurance Claim Solutions are independent Loss Assessors. Our job is to ensure you receive maximum entitlement on your insurance policy. We manage all aspects of your claim, negotiating and dealing directly with your insurance company’s Loss Adjuster to ensure you receive the very best settlement possible.

Working with an independent Loss Assessor such as Insurance Claim Solutions allows progress to move swiftly and smoothly, giving you confidence that your claim will be handled correctly, and without error. Employing a professional Loss Assessor to take care of everything for you saves time, stress, and ultimately lets you concentrate on your day to day life.

What does a Loss Assessor do?

The Loss Assessor will also attend the site soon after the claim, to meet you and agree their fee.

It is their role to:

  • Make the claim process as simple as possible.
  • Help with providing a temporary relocation for you, organising clean up, salvage and presenting a report to the insurers on the damage.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to get you the best insurance settlement
  • Deal with claims that have initially been declined by the insurance company, or are experiencing delays in agreeing settlement.
  • Full handling of your claim on your behalf.

Even if you have the time to deal with insurers yourself, professional insurance Loss Assessors will have more experience and be able to get the best result for you and your claim.

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“Without ICS my house would not have been the same. My insurers refused to pay for a new kitchen but ICS negotiated full replacement. I didn’t have to make a contribution."

Mrs. Davis

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