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Our Pricing

Many loss assessors will state that their services are free and these are built into the claim. We prefer a transparent approach to our fee structure.

Buildings Claims

No charge – If you instruct us to assist in managing your claim and allow our contractors to carry out the repair on your home, ICS will not charge you.

Our contractors are either owned by us or vetted to ensure they are of a high standard. We earn our fee via a transparent commission. Our role is to ensure that the correct scope and pricing is in place and to maximise your entitlement throughout the cycle of the claim.

Our contractors ensure that the quality of repair is high and allow flexibility for any additional changes you may wish to make.

This is not appropriate to all claims, and we will discuss this with you once we have assessed the circumstances.

Percentage – As an alternative, we are able to charge a percentage of the amount we recover from your insurance company, to quantify and present your claim to insurers for settlement. We will agree these fees with you in advance and there is no set fee scale as every claim is different.

Contents Claims

These are normally charged as a percentage of the amount we recover from your insurance company. Again, we will discuss these with you in advance, dependent on the claim.

Other Claims

We will try to offer a bespoke fee to all claims. Please call to discuss.

A personal service

With over 10 years experience within the insurance industry, we have an unparalleled understanding of how the industry works and have a wide-range of experience dealing with a variety of insurance claims.

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