Making a Claim

The Initial Call

Making a claim should be simple. You have taken out a policy that covers your home or business, and paid a premium to the insurer to honour that cover. You would assume that the insurer will mobilse their resources to quickly help you return to your normal life. Whilst insurers do have extensive resources, these are quickly used to reduce what the insurance company has to pay you.

My Insurance Company has already appointed somebody to help me with my claim – Why do I need ICS?

It may be that in the first instance your insurers appoint their own representative. On smaller claims this may be their own disaster repair company or building repair network. On large claims, your insurer will appoint a loss adjuster or representative to act on their behalf and investigate the claim. Their fee is paid by the insurer.

You need Insurance Claim Solutions to protect your interests and help you claim.

Why has my Insurer appointed a Loss Adjuster?

The loss adjuster will review the circumstances of the claim and the policy exclusions together with sums insured and values submitted. If necessary, they will engage the services of forensic scientists and other specialists. Whilst they are not specifically told to reduce claims – their fee is paid for by the insurer – it is not difficult to see how this relationship works!

If there is any doubt over the claim – and by this I mean if there is any way they can avoid paying – you will be asked to give statements and provide documentary evidence and then simply wait to hear if they will accept the claim.

Do I need help?

Loss assessors act on behalf of the policyholder. By appointing Insurance Claim Solutions as your loss assessor, we will:

  • ensure that your claim is correctly presented and aim to secure acceptance of the loss
  • deal with all insurance company negotiations, meeting with all insurance company representatives
  • protect your interests – your most valuable asset is your home or business – along with the personal or business possessions.
  • ensure that nothing is missed and that we maximise your policy entitlement.
  • make ourselves available to answer your queries and questions when they arise

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