Aviva and Asprea

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Paul Edmonds

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Paul is the Managing Partner of ICS.

In an ever changing industry, Aviva has bought a building repair network, Asprea, to manage all of their building claims. Whilst it is not unusual for an insurer to have an owned validation service, it does mean there is a lack of independence in the claim process.

Additionally, the Asprea field operatives we have encountered have a basic knowledge of the insurance policy and view the claim solely from a building perspective. This can lead to unsatisfactory building work being completed, which can make the whole claim process a lot more stressful.

Insurance claims require a more pragmatic approach at times, and we would always recommend the appointment of a loss assessor to protect your interests. As an independent loss assessor, we will manage the claims process from start to finish, helping to make sure any work completed during your insurance claim is of the highest standard.

We can help with a wide range of claims including, fire, theft, drainage, impact, commercial, flood and water damage claims. You can find more information on making a claim here, or to find out more about the role of a loss assessor here.

You can contact us for a free consultation by calling 01273 573888 or emailing office@insuranceclaimsolutions.co.uk. From here we will make a no charge visit to your home or premises to discuss concerns and assess the damage caused.

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  1. Paul Edmonds
    Paul Edmonds

    Thank you for your comment Catharine – and apologies for the late reply – if we can be of assistance please give me a call.

  2. Catharine Sharples

    Thank you for the warning. I made a claim yesterday and was given the email address desk@asprea.com to send the details. It bounced back as undeliverable. When I contacted Aviva it should have been desk@aviva.com. Not helpful.

    Aviva did warn me that they may want to use their own contractors if mine are too expensive. I shall be very wary.

  3. laurence ward

    I am a local building & Roofing contractor in the Surrey , Hants and Berkshire area and have many clients , on two occasions recently there have been damage to properties of which they are my clients and both times they Aviva there insurers have refused my clients for me to carry out the repairs and in one case a complete refurb after a flood they have sent out Asprea and in one case sixteen different trades turned up to carry out the repairs and renewals and it was a night mare for them and not that I am against them a lot were from eastern Europe she also had things go missing from the house , at the end of the day the workmanship was very below standard she refused to let them finish and then got us to finish the job but we had to rip out a lot of the stuff they had done already because of the poor state of the finishing & decoration and as for the other client she has phoned me yesterday to say after Five different trades turning up not ONE started the job and this is after some of these trades travelled over 50/ 70 miles to get there what must these companies be charging the insurance companies , it must work out cheaper to use someone local : She has now told me to go ahead and she will fight it out with Aviva. Maybe people should read up about these companies first before they let them start and get in touch with companies like Yours First !!
    Laurence Ward

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