About Us


Paul Edmonds – Managing Partner

I believe that success comes through strong relationships. When I formed ICS, I knew it was important we remained personal and that every customer was seen as important. I also wanted to be transparent, so that I could advise customers open and honestly.

I also wanted to handle the majority of the claims myself. Insurance companies deal with policyholders in a very impersonal way. My company does not. This was important as many other assessors promise local help, when in reality this is not true. The bigger the company, the less personal it becomes. We will only accept claims we can actively manage.

I have worked in insurance since graduating university, and gained 10 years experience as a loss adjuster working for the insurers. I set up ICS in 2004 and we continue to achieve fantastic settlements for our Clients.


Clare Michaelides –¬†Claims Manager

I am assisted by Clare Michealides – my claims manager – who has a strong insurance and loss adjusting background. She ensures that we keep the momentum in your claim, from chasing insurers to assisting in sourcing estimates and valuations.

Ross Birch – Senior Claims Consultant

Ross has a wealth of experience having worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years. Predominately field based he is often the first at new incidents trying to help Clients make sense of the disaster that has unfolded in front of them.

Please feel free to contact me for more information, although hopefully some questions are answered in the paragraphs below.

Business Description

Insurance Claim Solutions are independent loss assessors based in the UK. We represent a wide range of commercial and domestic policyholder’s claims, negotiating on their behalf to manage the process, recover their losses and achieve maximum entitlement.

We have considerable loss assessment experience in all types of insurance claims resulting from fire, flood and theft through to the more complex, specialised business interruption and subsidence claims.

Our management team all have an insurance loss adjusting background enabling us to remove the burden of the claim process and deliver maximum claim settlements.

ICS provides a free initial consultation through to the negotiation of the final settlement – allowing clients to focus on their lives, whether it be running a family or a business.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.